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Our Laravel Services

Hire Laravel Developers With Full-stack Expertise

Laravel Web Development

Hire skilled developers to build highly secure and scalable web apps for robust performance.

Laravel Extension Development

Hire dedicated Laravel developers to keep your web applications customized and integrate with other platforms.

Laravel Customization & Integration

Move your enterprise website from Sitecore to WordPress accurately and flawlessly with minimal downtime.

Laravel Migrations & Upgrades

Our expert Laravel programmers provide quick and reliable migration services from other technologies/frameworks to Laravel.

Laravel eCommerce Development

Our remote Laravel developers provide excellent Ecommerce solutions to expand the reach of online enterprises.

Laravel with Vuejs Development

Hire skilled Laravel+Vuejs application developers to build secure and scalable web apps for robust performance.

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Hire Offshore Laravel Developers From Codieslab

When hiring a Laravel developer from Codieslab, you can expect an experienced programmer dedicated to your project and will work until it is done correctly and on time. We only hire the best developers from around the world who are willing to go above and beyond for our clients. Our team of Laravel developers knows this open-source framework’s ins and outs and is eager to put their knowledge to use. They can build custom web apps for your business with ease.

Because our developers are well-versed in the use of Laravel, they can ensure that your app will be fast, secure, and efficient. These professionals have worked with clients from all over the world. They have a great deal of experience that they can use to make your project successful.


Security is key

Security is the number one concern for most businesses. With Laravel, advanced security features are easy to configure on most websites to enhance security and protect sites from hackers and cyber criminals. To get a little technical, Laravel uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm which means it never saves any passwords in the database. Comparing it to other PHP frameworks, Laravel also has great user authentication and restricted access features are easy to create. This keeps you and your customer’s data safe and secure.


Better website performance,Unlike many other frameworks out there, Laravel supports caching for your website out-of-the-box which is great for boosting your site speed. To further enhance your website’s performance, Laravel makes other speed optimisation techniques, such as memory use reduction and database indexing really easy to implement. This makes Laravel an excellent choice for your business if site speed and SEO friendliness are some of your requirements.

Mobile Optimization

It’s the age of mobile internet and it keeps growing. Our developers are experts in creating exceptional, clean, high-performing, easy to manage, and mobile-friendly websites that are perfect for your better business results.

Great for Traffic-Handling

As your business grows, so will the volume of traffic to your site. A website built in Laravel can handle website requests much quicker than most other frameworks. Laravel uses a unique message queue system, which means you can put-off certain website tasks such as sending emails until a later time. Being able to control time-consuming tasks means your website can process tasks quicker. And this not only keeps your website’s server healthy, but can also lower your hosting costs in the long-term.

Really Flexible

Laravel has the power to build a fully-fledged eCommerce site or a simple and professional B2B site. Due to its extensive pre-installed authorization libraries, it has the ability to create and support a variety of advanced features for your site, such as password reset and encryption. There are also a ton of third-party packages available to give your website a range of features and functionalities, such as Socialite which enables users to sign into your site using their social media profiles should you wish to integrate that option.


Almost every site needs to be integrated with a third-party application of some sort. This may include a payment system like Stripe or Paypal, or a marketing tool that your company uses. Whatever the integration, Laravel makes integrating third-party apps easy with its clean APIs for integration.

Website Maintenance

Generally speaking websites built in Laravel are easy to maintain overtime. So let’s imagine, a few years down the line you want some new features added to your site (already built in Laravel), a new developer can easily pick up from where your previous developers have left the site. Due to Laravel’s standout features, like clean code, MVC architecture (which separates logic and presentation), and OOP principles, maintaining a Laravel site over time is very straight forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it essential to hire a Laravel developer?

A Laravel developer’s role is to create and manage robust applications using the Laravel framework. These developers are responsible for managing the back end of an application, including making sure it’s efficient and secure. They also work with front-end developers to ensure that the application meets expectations.

Why are the developers from Codieslab the best?

At Codieslab, we employ Laravel developers who have experience working with various clients and industries. We’ve built complex applications for our clients, including those in education, eCommerce, and healthcare. Our team has also helped clients build custom API integrations. All in all, Codieslab is a leader in Laravel development because we use cutting-edge technology to get things done fast so that you can get your app out there and start making money.

What are the steps to hire a Laravel developer /team?

Hiring a Laravel developer/team is a simple process. Just send your project requirements and get expert technology consulting. Based on your business needs, select an engagement model, sign off contract and begin work with your developer.

Can I hire a developer for an hourly or project based- task?

Yes. You can hire a developer for a fixed period or for project specific requirements.

Why should you hire a team of dedicated developers?

You get benefits including a faster time to market, lower expenses, and the capacity to swiftly scale your staff when you hire dedicated developers.

How will we connect with our hired developer and keep track of the project's progress?

We have our project management system that allows us to keep track of projects daily, allocate tasks, and track the progress of your devoted engineers. Our programmers can be reached via Skype, Hangouts, Phone, and Email.

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